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Social Responsibility
Swiss Dental Services Stages Charitable Action for Refood

Swiss Dental Services, in collaboration with Kin Laboratories, handed out 100 oral hygiene kits to Refood beneficiaries at the Foz do Douro and Maia hubs. The idea came about in June as part of World Blood Donor Day. Swiss Dental Services pledged to help a charity by donating 1 oral hygiene kit to people in need for every membership signed to the Premium Dental Card throughout the month. Refood beneficiaries were chosen to receive this aid. Swiss Dental Services assembled the oral hygiene kits on July 25 and went to the Refood hubs to deliver them to the recipients. Swiss Dental Services hopes the gesture will give Refood's users the opportunity to look after their oral health, which in such cases is not always seen as a priority.

Refood is an institution that collects surplus meals from restaurants, hotels and bakeries, among other establishments. It allocates them to underprivileged families, referenced by local charities, delivering meals to households and taking into account specificities such as allergies, diabetes, cholesterol, preferences and the foods available for this purpose.

Filomena Machado, one of the members responsible for Refood's volunteer teams, welcomed the Swiss Dental Services team at the association's premises and explained the dynamics and logistics inherent to the meal collection and delivery process. The kits were received with surprise and pleasure from the beneficiaries, especially the children, who the team had the opportunity to meet. Refood is a commendable project that Swiss Dental Services and Kin had the opportunity to learn about and collaborate with more closely. Like Swiss Dental Services, Refood aims to preserve the health and well-being of its beneficiaries by keeping smiles on the faces of all those it helps!

4 Sep 2019
22 Sep 2019

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