Swiss Dental Services puts a smile on dentist faces

On October 3, we celebrated World Dentist Day at all Swiss Dental Services Clinics.

To celebrate, Swiss Dental Services presented their dentists with a personalized surgery cap bearing the company's logo and a card with a thanks and motivation message.

The offer was appreciated by those who “take care of Swiss Dental Services‘ patients smile, daily”.

With this initiative, the company intends to continue to bring smiles to the world, using expert professionals in oral rehabilitation to preserve the oral health of its patients.

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09 jul
Congratulations Vila Real Clinic!

July 9th was another day of celebration for the Swiss Dental Services family.

The Vila Real Clinic celebrated its first year with its clinical staff, patients and guest companies from across the district.

In addition to being a day to celebrate 365 days of smiling and giving back quality of life to all patients the occasion also celebrated the professional and human satisfaction of the entire clinic team for all of the lives they helped to change.

Without brave patients taking the first step towards a better life, none of this would have been possible.

Swiss Dental Services also brought together companies from across the district to create future partnerships and a closer relationship with the community.

The mood was celebratory all day long and the consensus was general: “May more years bring more smiles to life”!

Vila Real
24 sep
Aniversary - Leiria´s Clinic

On September 24 our Leiria completed its first year!

To commemorate the first of many years of smiles, the Clinic brought together guests, including medical staff, staff and patients, for an afternoon of celebrations and many surprises!

Those who had the opportunity to book an oral assessment appointment for their own birthdays were entitled to a special offer, courtesy of the Vila Galé Hóteis Group.

There were many reasons to smile during a lively afternoon, according to José Jerónimo, a patient at the Leiria Clinic, who has already completed his dental treatment. He said: “Thank you to Swiss Dental Services, for giving me the opportunity to face life with a smile”.

06 apr
Lisbon Clinic celebrates 2nd year!

The Oriente Clinic in Lisbon recently celebrated its second anniversary, bringing together several patients, guests and celebrities.

Smile Ambassadors Diana Chaves, Carolina Patrocínio and Tânia Ribas de Oliveira were present on what was a lively afternoon full of smiles. “It is gratifying to be part of an initiative with such a noble goal as taking care of the oral health of all Portuguese,” said Carolina Patrocínio.

Over the last 8 years, Swiss Dental Services has achieved over 30,000 successful cases, and aims to increase its network of dental care services throughout the country.

31 aug
Porto Clinic 3rd Anniversary

The Porto Clinic celebrated its 3rd anniversary, uniting patients, clinical staff and its Smile Ambassador, Fernando Mendes, in a party atmosphere and a lot of excitement.

To celebrate in style, some patients at the clinic received a 'Make Over' session to further enhance their new smile. Several patients seized the opportunity to capture a moment with Fernando Mendes and were able to take an autographed photo home as a souvenir.

Júlio Silva, a patient who has already completed his treatment at the Porto Clinic, presented the team with a birthday cake as a way of thanking them.

"It's a way of showing that I'm grateful for the positive experience I had at the clinic and also for helping me smile again," he said.

The party lasted until late afternoon, culminating in 'Happy Birthday' being sung and a toast to many more years of life and smiles.

20 dec
Swiss Dental Services Christmas Celebration
Porto, Portugal
16 oct
Participation on the ‘Consultório’ programme.

In this episode, Dr. Inês Salvador talks about the most important steps in oral hygiene, for those who have dental implants.

Porto Canal
28 sep
Coimbra celebrates 2 years of Swiss Dental Services

On September 28, in the afternoon, Coimbra hosted celebrations to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Swiss Dental Services Clinic in that city.

To mark the occasion, the national network of implantology clinics decided to shower gifts on patients who visited the clinic with a family member or friend for a free oral assessment consultation throughout the month of September.

Another surprise was in store for the birthday celebrations, courtesy of the Vila Galé Hotels group, which was gifted to Paula Madeira.

Swiss Dental Services also gave all local Coimbra residents the opportunity to have an oral health check-up.

Luís Silva, Operating Officer of the Coimbra Clinic, thanked everyone for their presence, and pledged that the team will continue to strive to meet patients’ expectations and exacting standards, maintaining the excellent quality of service and care.

20 oct
Promotional Events

Want to smile confidently? We can help!

We endeavour to help you reclaim all those years spent without smiling.

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See where you can find us!

16 - 18 October 

  • Pingo Doce Eiras Coimbra- R. Barca Ribeira de Eiras, Eiras. 
  • Pingo Doce Braga Liberdade- Av. da Liberdade 525, 4700-924 Braga.
  • Farmácia Almeida Cunha LDA- Rua do bolhão 128

17 - 19 October 

  • Farmácia Oliveira- R. Frei José Vilaça 101, 4705-101 Braga.
  • Farmácia Falcão
  • Shopping Cidade do Porto- R. de Gonçalo Sampaio 350, 4150-365 Porto.
  • Intermaché Santa Clara- Rua Central de Mesura Nº 35.

18 October

  • Farmácia Juncal

18 a 20 October   

  • Shopping Parque Nascente
  • Padaria Montalegrense
Coimbra, Braga, Porto.
Social Responsibility
Swiss Dental Services Stages Charitable Action for Refood

Swiss Dental Services, in collaboration with Kin Laboratories, handed out 100 oral hygiene kits to Refood beneficiaries at the Foz do Douro and Maia hubs. The idea came about in June as part of World Blood Donor Day. Swiss Dental Services pledged to help a charity by donating 1 oral hygiene kit to people in need for every membership signed to the Premium Dental Card throughout the month. Refood beneficiaries were chosen to receive this aid. Swiss Dental Services assembled the oral hygiene kits on July 25 and went to the Refood hubs to deliver them to the recipients. Swiss Dental Services hopes the gesture will give Refood's users the opportunity to look after their oral health, which in such cases is not always seen as a priority.

Refood is an institution that collects surplus meals from restaurants, hotels and bakeries, among other establishments. It allocates them to underprivileged families, referenced by local charities, delivering meals to households and taking into account specificities such as allergies, diabetes, cholesterol, preferences and the foods available for this purpose.

Filomena Machado, one of the members responsible for Refood's volunteer teams, welcomed the Swiss Dental Services team at the association's premises and explained the dynamics and logistics inherent to the meal collection and delivery process. The kits were received with surprise and pleasure from the beneficiaries, especially the children, who the team had the opportunity to meet. Refood is a commendable project that Swiss Dental Services and Kin had the opportunity to learn about and collaborate with more closely. Like Swiss Dental Services, Refood aims to preserve the health and well-being of its beneficiaries by keeping smiles on the faces of all those it helps!

4 Sep 2019
22 Sep 2019

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