Bringing health to everyone is our mission!
Por Maria Silva | 07/10/2019

Everyday we welcome and listen to hundreds of patients at our clinics, and those who contact us looking for a solution for their smile.

But Swiss Dental Services decided that much had yet to be done, as there are still people who for some or several reasons hold back on seeking help and do not come to our clinics.

Determined to take action to combat fears, doubts, disability, ignorance and even insecurity, the company reached out to these people with community actions in shopping malls and supermarkets across the country. Our employees were present and ready to explain the services and solutions available at Swiss Dental Services, as well as answer doubts and offer surprises.

The goal was to bring oral health to those who need or want to take the first step to taking care of theirs; a goal successfully met with a number of people already having taken the right steps towards smiling again!


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