What is Imaging?

Dental Imaging is a field of dental medicine that uses complementary imaging to help define a diagnosis.

Imaging is therefore an important resource in the diagnosis of different pathologies and in the evaluation of the response to treatment. At Swiss Dental Services we have differentiated diagnostic services that complement our treatment options.

What are the benefits?

Imaging examinations of the patient's orofacial structure are analysed to adjust the dental treatment to their condition.

Hence, the use of technical means of diagnosis allows the medical team to obtain detailed information about the oral health of the patient, to recommend the ideal treatment for their specific case.

Imaging Techniques

Swiss Dental Services has a range of complementary services at its disposal, such as orthopantomography and apical x-ray techniques, to better respond to patients’ needs.


Orthopantomography, also called panoramic radiography, is an advanced type of X-ray that gives a panoramic view of the upper and lower jaw, as well as of all teeth and joints located between the jaw and the skull.


Tomography is used in a set of procedures beyond the area of Implantology, such as the study of the dimensions of pathologies and the relationship of teeth / lesions to the orofacial structure.

Apical Radiographs

Apical radiographs aid the dentist in the decision-making process. This technique gives a detailed view of the patient's oral cavity so that treatments can be performed with greater assertiveness.

Imaging exams allow us to identify:

Dental Cavities

Dental Fractures

Periodontal Diseases (Gingivitis and Periodontitis)

Tooth Loss

Dental Infections

Preparation for an Orthopantomography

Orthopantomography is one of the main complementary means used to give an accurate and complete diagnosis of the patient's oral health. The exam is used to evaluate the possibility of treatment and its effectiveness, as well as for planning oral rehabilitation with dental implants.

Step by step


Before the exam

Before the exam the patient is asked to remove earrings, piercings, clips or other metallic objects that may interfere with it. If you have a removable prosthesis you should also take it out. You should also wear a lead apron to protect your body from radiation.

Step by step


During the Exam

The patient is asked to position themselves in the canter of the X-ray unit, where the head will be positioned and fitted to the equipment. The patient should then place the mouth on the bite block in the machine, keeping the lips closed, and remaining still during the exam.

Step by step


After the Exam (Assessment Consultation)

Performing an orthopantomography is a simple and painless procedure that lasts on average less than 5 minutes. At Swiss Dental Services Clinics, an Orthopantomography is the first exam to be performed prior to the oral assessment consultation, allowing the dentist to have an overview of the dental problem to be treated from the outset.

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