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Who we are

We are experts in Advanced 

Total Oral Rehabilitation!

Swiss Dental Services is a network of expert clinics that excel in Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation (ROTA ®) through Dental Implants.
Our brand is a point of reference in the national Dental Implantology market, since 2008, and we have modern clinics in various parts of the country, also being present in France and England. We want to bring the best treatments to all patients and welcome them in comfort and safety.

Dental Treatments

Tailor-made solutions!

We have created the best dental solutions and can tailor them to your needs. In having Dental Implants you will regain self-esteem, confidence, and above all, the quality of life! We believe in innovation and personalised treatments to safely ensure the rehabilitation of your Oral Health.









What distinguishes us

We take care of our patients

At Swiss Dental Services we see humanistic medicine practices as the main reason to keep improving our services. Therefore, we focus on personalised care for our patients, analysing each case thoroughly and professionally. From the outset, we accompany each patient to make them feel at home, clarifying any questions that may exist before, during and after treatment.


Payment Options

Swiss Dental Services offers payment options that allow more and more Portuguese access to leading care in the field of Dental Implantology.

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Quality Treatments

We are distinguished by our quality dental solutions through differentiated treatments and techniques that adapt to each patient.

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Proven Experience

With Dental Implants we have resolved over 30,000 successful cases in the last 8 years.

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Swiss Dental Services has been awarded the 'Highest Satisfaction Rate' Consumer Recommendation Stamp.

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Swiss Dental Services

Growth and Innovation

In the market since 2008, Swiss Dental Services strives daily to improve its offer, with the health and well-being of patients constantly in mind.

Due to its innovative approach, Swiss Dental Services is present in each of the market segments in an individualised and differentiating way.

Its brands are a reflection of this innovation, and aim to respond assertively to the different needs of those who turn to us.

The National Dental Implant Program (PNID) is an Oral Health movement rolled out by the Swiss Dental Services network of clinics, with the aim of delivering dental implantology treatments to evermore patients.
The 3rd Set was developed with the most complex cases of tooth loss in mind, to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of such patients.
The Premium Dental Card is the answer for those who want dental implants and complementary treatments at a much more affordable price.
The Swiss Dental Channel is the online channel of the international network of Clinics Expert in Dental Implantology, Swiss Dental Services.

Clinical Core

We invest in training

We believe in intensive and multidisciplinary training, so we have regular in-house courses to equip oral health professionals with cross-sectional knowledge that enables them to successfully respond to the clinical cases they encounter on a daily basis.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals work in our various clinics allowing patients to benefit from a diverse range of treatments and techniques.

Implantology Experts

Through personalised treatments our Oral Rehabilitation experts accompany patients throughout the process.

Personalised Treatments

Each case is rigorously and professionally analysed by our team to meet patients’ different needs.

Intensive Training

We regularly refresh our training programmes so that our professionals are up-to-date and at the forefront of the latest innovations in dentistry.


Renowned Services

Our goal is to be as near as possible to our patients and, therefore, we have several Clinics spread throughout national territory. The evolution and growth of Swiss Dental Services has occurred year after year and is no longer restricted to Portugal. At this moment, we also have two partner clinics, in London and Paris, allowing patients from all over Europe to have access to excellent dental care in the field of Implantology

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